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    English Muffin Meltdown {Story}

    How a few simple shifts changed behavior We all know that kids can have meltdowns when things don’t go their way. This morning was yet another one of those days. The kids were out of school and I had just started to make breakfast when my daughter came into the kitchen. She immediately saw what I was making and before I could even turn around she screamed in horror. “I HATE English Muffins!” Wow. Really? Who hates English muffins. only.my.daughter. Immediately after screaming she ran to the pantry and grabbed a box of cereal. Just then my husband walked in and said, “We just had English muffins and now you don’t…

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    5 Tips for Raising Respectful Confident Kids

    If you could meet your child as an adult what kind of qualities would you like to see in him/her? I love this question. It gets you thinking about your role as a parent and helps you identify what values you want to instill in your child.   1.) Model Respect. This starts with you, the parent. Your kids may not always listen to what you say but they will model what you do. If you want confident kids, model and teach confidence with them. And if you desire respectful kids, model respect with them and with others. If you are hoping for an emphatic child, model empathy with them and others.  …

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    Keep your holidays stress-free

    Last month kicked off the season of gratitude here in America with Thanksgiving. If you celebrated, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time with family and friends. I love all the delicious food, family and festivities however sometimes all the extra activities can add to the stress. Now that we are into December the momentum and stress of holiday season speeds up. I wanted to share some tips for keeping the season stress-free. 1.) Plan. Have a family meeting and discuss where and when you plan to travel or attend festivities. Talk about which parent will attend the Christmas pageant if one parent cannot attend. Make an action plan for…