Coaching empowers parents with the tools to fosters long-term positve change. Most parents know what they want, they just don’t know how to get there. We develop a plan, set goals, and build the foundation for core values, limit setting, and healthy conflict/resolution.

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Allison Naseri 
Jacksonville, Florida
"I have read many parenting books and made some adjustments but still wasn't happy, and the truth is I just didn't have time for the books. The Parenting Shift gave me immediate tools based on the specific situations that I could use immediately. I started getting results from my first call with Christina! And I continue to have shocking moments of success with my boys."
Libby Geiselmayr
Atlanta, Georgia
"The Parenting Shift is an inspiration to parents everywhere! Christina has the ability to take parents to an entirely new level of communication with their children."
Jessica C. Morgan
“I started working with Christina and The Parenting Shift after receiving less than glowing reports about my 7-year-old daughter’s behavior at school. The 10-week coaching program not only gave me the tools to understand and correct her behavior in a positive and appropriate way, but it has completely changed the way I parent both of my children. The behavior shift in my kids has been life-changing and I am more confident than ever as a parent.”
Tia Komitas
Toronto, Canada

"Christina has incredible knowledge about conscious parenting and empowering relationships. She always managed to create a space that was so nurturing and supportive to dive into the deep layers of understanding my parenting style. I always felt safe stretching myself into new awareness and possibilities under her coaching."

Bernice McDonald
"The Parenting Shift program is amazing! – something I wish I would have taken years ago. Christina has a passion for training and teaching families how to thrive. It’s worth the investment!"
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