Advanced Course

Parenting is hard. And Exhausting. And Stressful.

And also one of the most amazing and rewarding jobs on the planet.

Do you ever find yourself:

  • Frustrated, irritated, and short-tempered?
  • Tired of saying no?
  • Exhausted by the morning routine or lack of routine?
  • Wishing there was an easier way?
  • Wondering if you’re doing a good job?


peggy_omara As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to thrive and succeed in school and in life. You desire your children to be empathetic, value honesty, integrity, and cooperation. You deeply want the best for them however, so many times you don’t feel like you have the right tools or know where to begin.

I get it. 

I know that the struggles you face as a parent can be completely transformed when you are empowered with the right information and tools. Through empowerment, support and proven tools, a permanent shift is possible at home.

Parenting is a long-term investment in your child and yourself. It’s a commitment to raising the next generation.
parent and child
Are you committed to your family but frustrated by the lack of cooperation and behavior issues?

Parenting does NOT have to be this hard.

  • I am hearing how you are struggling to connect, to get your child to listen and you are feeling frustrated by your behavior as a parent.
  • You are noticing your child taking on personality traits that you are not proud of.
  • You want more cooperation from your strong-willed child but often don’t feel heard.
  • You find control the only means for consistency but it doesn’t always work. And deep in your heart, you know control will eventually lead to resentment in your child.
  • I am hearing how you want to give your child the opportunities you didn’t have. I hear you yearning for a new way of relating to your child that is different than how your parents related to you.
  • You see the generational patterns playing out and you realize you can’t help your child move past a point where you have not moved past yourself.
  • I also hear how much you appreciate having the time to focus on your parenting in a judgment free & supportive environment.
  • I hear the love and commitment that you have to your child/children.
  • I hear your need to be heard. Your need to be understood, and free to openly talk about your deepest desires and your biggest regrets.

Let’s face it – Parenting is Hard!

We can’t do it alone. We want to be heard and understood. We want to do it differently for us and for our children. And for the future.

The Parenting Shift Program is for you if:

1.) You desire a deeper connection with your child.
2.) You are 100% committed to making it happen.
3.) You are ready to upgrade your parenting toolbox.
4.) You want to be heard and understood.
5.) You are tired of the fighting and tension at home.
6.) You want to parent with more peace and ease.
7.) You want to stop yelling, nagging or reminding.
8.) You want to learn communication that WORKS!
9.) You want to have more fun, ease, and joy with your child.
10.) You desire a supportive learning environment!

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