Keep your holidays stress-free

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Last month kicked off the season of gratitude here in America with Thanksgiving.

If you celebrated, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful time with family and friends. I love all the delicious food, family and festivities however sometimes all the extra activities can add to the stress.

Now that we are into December the momentum and stress of holiday season speeds up. I wanted to share some tips for keeping the season stress-free.Christmas

1.) Plan. Have a family meeting and discuss where and when you plan to travel or attend festivities. Talk about which parent will attend the Christmas pageant if one parent cannot attend. Make an action plan for all holiday events and keep it visible for the kids to see. This helps everyone stay on the same page.

2.) Communicate expectations. If you’re going to Grandma’s for a Christmas meal and she makes a traditional dish that the kids won’t eat make sure you communicate expectations before getting to Grandma’s.

Communicate expectations around time. If you’re only going to visit Aunt Sally for one hour make sure that the expectation is communicated clearly to the kids and your partner. This get everyone in the family committed to the expectation and will bring more ease and flow.

3.) Time it right. If you have a toddler that naps you need to time things accordingly. Be clear about your expectations and let others know. When a small child doesn’t have their needs fully met it can make for a stressful holiday.

Wishing you and your family a stress-free & drama-free holiday season!

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