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Would you like to talk so your child will listen? And listen so they will talk?


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I’m tired of hearing “NO!” when I ask my child to do something.
  • Instead of asking my child 5 times do something, I just want to ask once.
  • I wish I could break the cycle of nagging, yelling, frustration, and guilt.
  • I am starting to wonder if I'm doing a good job.
  • I know I am ready for a new approach to parenting my child.


If so, you're not alone!

From toddlers to teens, effective communication is one of the greatest challenges we face as parents. Many parents, like myself, enter into the parenting world and are blind-sided by the struggle to get our kids to cooperate with us. As a highly sensitive child and teen, I know the challenges of communicating. Most parents, regardless of their upbringing, want something better for their families and desire an easier way to parent and communicate.


Through my own challenges, education, and self-awareness, I discovered that the misunderstandings and miscommunication would shift or change when I learned to understand myself and re-train my own language. This included not only how I spoke but also how I listened. This shift is entirely possible for parents wanting to create more peace, calm, and connection.


Getting your child to cooperate can be difficult.


Often times, we and our children get caught operating in autopilot, causing us to act and respond to certain situations without really thinking thus feeling out of control. When we feel this loss of control, we then feel the need to use tactics to control the situation and our child. This control only disconnects and dis-empowers YOU from the desired outcome your seeking. And it’s at the expense of the relationship YOU have with them.


We know from advanced studies in brain science this autopilot response can be shifted into an empowering response that not only strengthens the relationship but also creates changes in your child’s behavior and increases cooperation. The brain training & mindful tools we teach, alter the patterns and create the foundation for a trusted and connected relationship with your child.


In this course, I’m going to show you how to:

* Become aware of autopilot responses
* Understand how language affect your relationships
* Shift reactive patterns & triggers
* Achieve the natural cooperation you crave
* Stop the cycle of yelling, threatening, & guilt
This is a (6) module virtual course. Upon purchase you will receive a welcome email along with your first module and supportive materials.
4 hours Course Content
1 hour Meditations
Note: This course includes a meditation series that supports a shift in your mindset and communication.


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