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I’m Christina and I help YOU raise respectful, confident kids. I’m a sister, wife, and mother who knows all too well the pressure and struggles parents face.

The name, The Parenting Shift, was inspired by the “SHIFT” that occurred early on in my journey. It was one of those defining moments where I was crying on the bedroom floor praying for a miracle and like so many things in life, the right people and events unfolded. I share the full story in my newsletter.

The Parenting Shift is a science-based training program that is specifically designed to help you shift conflict to cooperation, develop a healthy long-term relationship, and raise confident kids. The Parenting Shift is built on powerful core principles. I believe that any change you want… Always starts with being open to new possibilities.

My goal has always been to help YOU, shift from surviving to thriving. Move from conflict to cooperation and create a new normal. This doesn’t mean that failures, setbacks, and hardships won’t happen because they will. It’s how WE SHOW UP TOGETHER, get through them and move onward that creates lasting change.

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