The Hidden Truth…


I was deep in the struggles of parenting a defiant, actively independent, boundary-pushing toddler. The days were endless and I could barely scrape up enough patience to get myself out the door in the morning with children in tow.

It was the holiday season and I was feeling anything but joyful. I actually felt pretty hopeless. Maybe it was the endless nights awake with my daughter or perhaps the daily episodes of tantrums and hitting when it came to brushing her teeth.

All I knew was that something had to change. Not only with my kids but also in my life. I wanted to parent on the same page with my husband, which wasn’t happening. I also wanted to parent in a way that cultivated my daughter’s natural ability to grow into a self-confident, empowered, young women. And I wanted it to be easier than what I was experiencing.

What happened? Why was this harder than I thought? I read the books, but I still didn’t have the firm foundation and the tools that I needed.


Where was that navigation system? Where was the manual?

The following year was the breaking point. I was tired of trying to break my child’s spirit to get her to listen and follow directions. I didn’t want to control her anymore, but I wanted her to do what I asked. Somehow I knew that controlling her was NOT the answer. Deep in my heart I knew there was another way.

But what was the answer?

I had to solve this problem, even if it took me forever.

My parenting style WAS NOT WORKING because of this…


Emotional Outburt


There was a cycle at work and I didn’t even know it.

This was the turning point and the key that could unlock everything!

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