The Greatest Tool You Can Give Your Child…

The year was 1995. Time magazine published the October issue with the following question on the cover, “What’s Your EQ?”

So…what is EQ and why are we talking about it decades later?

Time Magazine

EQ is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and hold awareness and understanding for the emotions of others. EQ or emotional intelligence is the seed of all learning. It establishes our ability to interact, how we relate and our willingness to give and receive love.

Teaching ourselves and our children EQ has immense benefits and perhaps it is why so many studies have shown Emotional Intelligence to be a more accurate determination of future success than I.Q. Here’s the (VIDEO) on how it has impacted my family.

Now here is where things get real…

The parenting paradigm you CHOOSE, Dominant Parenting or Connection Parenting, MASSIVELY affects your child’s emotional intelligence.


The Dominant Paradigm encourages your child to use EXTERNAL motivators to guide his or her actions. Keep the parent happy and life is good. This fosters a need to please, a tendency to look for approval in others. Making decisions to avoid the pain of loss of love.

The Connection Paradigm encourages your child to use INTERNAL motivation. It encourages the child to be guided by their own sense of right and wrong, by their own unique abilities, and to know their value and worth in the world.

They hold themselves to their highest potential because they model YOU holding them to their highest potential!

The greatest tool you can give your child is to nurture them in developing high Emotionally Intelligence! 

Herein lies the problem…

Most of us were not raised in the Connection Paradigm, but in the Dominant paradigm

The good news is that Connection Parenting is MUCH easier, more enjoyable, and simply makes sense when you have the right information and PROVEN tools. (Having the RIGHT tools makes ANY job easier, right?!)

Connection parenting will…

·  Create deeper connection between you and your child
·  Shift conflict into teamwork
·  Develop and establish trust
·  Give your child the greatest tool in life, Emotional Intelligence
·  Move you away from fear and control tactics
·  Shift conflict into teamwork
·  Start the next generation off with foundation model of connection

It really does take a village to raise a child – This community is doing just that!

In celebration of supporting more parents, The Parenting Shift is offering a 10-Week Breakthrough Course.

The course is done in a confidential online small group setting (taught by Christina) where you’ll receive weekly audio recordings, practice worksheets, private & group coaching. You’ll also be paired up with an empathy buddy to increase your results and stay accountable.

This program is for you if:

1.) You want your kids to listen without yelling and continual reminders.
2.) You desire a trusted connection with your child.
3.) You want to parent with more ease and less shame, blame and manipulation.
4.) You are ready to be heard and understood.
5.) You are tired of the arguing, fighting and constant nagging.
6.) You are ready for a new parenting toolkit based on science.
7.) You want to learn COMMUNICATION that will WORK in the trickiest of situations.
8.) You want to have more fun, ease, and joy in your parenting.
9.) You desire a non-judgmental, supportive and positive learning environment with support!
 10.) You are 110% committed to making it happen.

This 10-Week Breakthrough Course is a life changing experience. If you’re committed, the tools you receive will not only improve your parenting toolbox but they will also GREATLY improve communication, conflict/resolution, and self-confidence in your parenting skills.

Are you ready to break the cycle of blame, shame and guilt?

How is this program different?

“In my experience, I had taken the webinar classes, read the books but I was still NOT getting the results I desired. Why? There were blind spots that I couldn’t see and I needed a supportive and non-judgemental environment to get the results and change the behavior. And that is exactly what happened!”

– Abby
Memphis, TN

“When I started this course, all I knew is that I didn’t want to have to yell to get results if I could figure out a better way.  The problem is, I wasn’t sure what all my options were and I didn’t want to waste precious time with trial and error to get my kids to respond.  No mom has time for that.  I read many parenting books and made some adjustments but still wasn’t happy, and the truth is I just didn’t have time for the books.  The Parenting Shift gave me immediate tools based on my specific situations that I could use now. I started getting results from my boys, immediately! I had many shocking moments of success from the very beginning.  Totally worth the investment!”

– Allison
Jacksonville, FL


How does the program work?
First, you’ll join an amazing group of parents ready to breakthrough what is not working and discover what DOES WORK!

* Access to a Virtual Online Community
* Weekly Audio Modules (.mp3 you can listen on the go)
* Light Homework/Supportive Handouts
* Weekly Coaching Calls (60-90 Mins.)
* Private Facebook Group
* Guaranteed tools